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Have Some

Dim Sum

A book about Dim Sum and why we want to eat some.

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Why Dim Sum?

Dim Sum making is a great activity for the family. Kids love putting filling into dough and making fun shapes that suit their personalities! Grown-ups can transform Sunday dinners into an event with Wow factor. Imagine having a healthy meal of steamed or pan-fried food that the family made together. Round it off with leafy greens from the neighborhood stores and get your immune-boosting health food as well.

About Dim Sum

About The Book: Full Guide to Dim Sum + 20 recipes

Have Some Dim Sum is a multi-purpose book that gives you a tour of this wonderful world of Chinese brunch. It has descriptions of the most popular kinds of dim sum and lavish photos by the amazing Vince Noguchi so you can order with ease at any Chinese dim sum place. 

There are illustrations from award-winning artist Vince McIndoe and useful diagrams to follow along as you wrap and roll. The recipes are from a top chef in Toronto who shared his secrets with an open heart.

This full guide makes you an insider, a savvy explorer of food and an exciting home cook!

$20 USD

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“A wonderful book written in a beautiful, personal style. I've avoided visiting Dim Sum Restaurants because of my fear of eating something I don't want to by mistake. This book describes over 50 of the most common dishes so you know what you're popping into your mouth and – if you're a fussy eater like me – what to avoid. On the weekend I took my wife and some friends to a Dim Sum Restaurant and we had a lot of fun and ate some really good food! A bonus is the 20 recipes from top chefs... my wife intends to try a few.” - Paul, Toronto CANADA

About Book
About Author

About the Author

Evelyn Chau is co-founder of EM: English Matters/Essential Mandarin and loves dim sum.


Originally from Hong Kong, Evelyn has been interested in food since she was little.

Dim Sum Sundays were big brunch gatherings for the Chau family where everyone gets to order, where everyone connected and exchanged the latest news.

Her main goal is to make delicious dim sum that's inclusive, vegetarian and kid-friendly!


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Get Cooking

Dim sum tastes like home, like family, like friends celebrating big days, anniversaries, birthdays and wins.  Start your own Dim Sum Sundays this week using ingredients that are easily available in your neighborhood supermarkets!  

Traditional Pot Stickers

Check out the following video to learn more about pot stickers.

Veggie Spring Rolls

Check out the following video to learn more about spring rolls.

Siu Mai

Check out the following video to learn more about sui mai.

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Dim Sum means "touch the heart" so why not use them to show affection? Order my book, make some delicious dumplings and share your fun moments below!

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